Lost Ark Reaper Leveling Guide

Reaper Leveling Guide

The Reaper class is one of the best advanced classes from the Assassin class.

Reapers harness the power of darkness to summon clones, slash enemies at light speed, and turn invisible. They are speedy and mobile and can surprise enemies with an overwhelming amount of skills.

Get ready for the Reaper class by taking a look at the Reaper 1-50 leveling guide we have below.

Reaper Leveling Guide – Lost Ark


These are what we think are the best Reaper skills and tripods that you can use when trying to level up using a Reaper character. However, you are free to change a skill or two according to your own personal preference and playstyle.

The first one is Blink. Blink is available from level 18 and summons a shadow clone to a target location. You can then use the skill again to throw a shuriken together with your clone to your specified location. You only need about 20 points in this skill by taking Piercing Strike and Forward Slash.

Death Side

Death Side is a good mobility skill that allows you to quickly move 3 meters toward a target location. You then slash at foes within that location. You can then use the move again to slash once more and knock foes down. It’s best used with Poison: Corrosion, Fatal Dagger, and Eye of the Tempest.

Last Graffiti

Last Graffiti allows you to vanish in the air and move up 8 meters toward the target before striking down at a specified location to deal damage. You should take Stagger Enhancement, Swift Preparation, and Shadow Snare for maximum effectiveness.


When using Nightmare you throw a dagger at a specific location to deal damage. You can then use the skill again to teleport behind the target you hit. You then gain +10% movement speed after teleporting. Make sure to take Poison: Corrosion, Deception, and Hide Shadow as your tripods.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is another good mobility move. You spin toward a target location and move 5 meters as you slash foes while dealing damage. You can then use the skill again to move an additional 5 meters while still attacking foes. Poison: Corrosion, Sharp Dagger, and Finishing Move are what we recommend that you use as tripods.

Saber Stinger

Saber Stinger performs 2 sharp thrusting attacks that each deal damage. Activating the skill again delivers 2 more thrusts for the same amount of damage. It’s a pretty straightforward skill that can help you quickly get through trash mobs. Take Poison: Corrosion, Master of Evasion, and Brand Activation.

Shadow Storm

You move two meters forward and thrust your weapon. You then summon shadows to cut and slice through foes for damage in over 10 hits. This is a very powerful early game move that can easily help you delete enemies. Take Piercing Strike, Flurry Enhancement, and Black Storm.

Silent Smasher

Like most Reaper skills, Silent Smasher has some mobility involved. You jump 3 meters backward and gather dark energy to propel yourself forward. You slash through foes, knocking them down as you hit them. I recommend using Wide-Angle Attack, Shadow Afterimage, and Crushing Death.

Spirit Catch

The final skill is Spirit Catch. Using Spirit Catch simply allows you to perform a quick thrust forward to deal damage. You then move 4 meters forward in the same direction and perform a more powerful and deadly thrust that also knocks down enemies. Take Poison: Corrosion, Sharp Dagger, and Shadow Afterimage.

And that’s all of the skills that you should prioritize when using Reaper while leveling up. The Reaper class is a hard but satisfying class to master. It can be super annoying to battle against a good Reaper and can easily outperform most classes in the game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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