Lost Ark Relationship: Best NPCs (Priority List)

Building a relationship with other people is crucial for your progress in video games just like it is in real life. Lost Ark allows players to interact with other NPCs and build a relationship with them.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this relationship and which ones you should prioritize in the game.

What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

The rapport is an indicator of how friendly or affectionate your character is towards other NPCs in the game. You can increase your rapport by playing songs, showering gifts, completing side quests, and using a specific emote.

Since there are many things to do in Lost Ark, increasing your rapport might not be a priority for you. However, as you progress through the game you will realize how important it is so it is recommended that level it from the beginning itself.

Not every NPC in the game will have a rapport meter so you need to check this by opening the Rapport tab. You will find a list of all the characters there and the rewards you gain from them.

Having a good rapport with other characters is important in the game as it will determine how much an NPC will like you. The more friendly you become with an NPC, the cooler rewards you will get. There are a total of 71 characters available in the game for you to develop a friendly relationship with.

There are a total of four rapport levels in the game:

  • Neutral
  • Friendly
  • Trusted
  • Affection

There are many tiers present in the game starting from Natural then Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted. If an NPC likes you very much then your rapport will reach the Affection tier.

As you progress through the game and reach higher rapport levels, you will be receiving new rewards and quests. Every NPC in the game will also have a virtue stat requirement you need to keep in mind. These requirements are Wisdom, Charisma, Courage, and Kindness. If you don’t have the required virtue then you won’t be able to increase your rapport with other characters,

Since this is a very complicated system, players will need a lot of time to grind and reach higher levels.

How to Increase your Rapport with other NPCs?

There are various ways to increase your rapport with other characters. These include giving gifts, playing instruments, and emoting. Every NPC will have different gifts, instruments, and emotes to which react favorably. Choosing the right one can increase your rapport with them. Do keep in mind that you can select only 99 gifts,5 instruments and 5 emotes every day.

Where to get gifts to increase Rapport?

As mentioned before, every NPC has its own preferred gift in the game. You can check them by opening the Adventure tab or by pressing Alt+N.In order to get these gifts, you will need to earn heart-shaped currency by completing various tasks and events. You will then be able to exchange this currency for gifts from various merchants and vendors.

Which NPCs should you prioritize in Lost Ark?

Since there are many characters in Lost Ark, players often get confused about which ones they should focus on to get the best rewards. While it is recommended that you maximize your relationship with every NPC possible since they each offer some unique rewards. There are three NPCs that are considered the most useful in the game:

  • Beatrice
  • Sasha
  • Captain Cavery

These NPCs will reward you with Giant’s Heart when you reach a higher rapport level with them.

Best gifts to increase your rapport with NPCs

Every NPC in the game has different gifts to which they will react favorably. Below listed are some of the gifts to increase your rapport with Sasha, Beatrice, and Captain Cavery:

Sasha: Stern Scrap Iron

Beatrice: Fragrant Peach

Captain Cavery: Stalwart Cage

That’s it, now go ahead and make some cool friends in Lost Ark to increase your rapport!

Written by Borut Udovic

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