Lost Ark Shadowhunter 1-50 Leveling Guide

Shadowhunter Leveling Guide

Shadowhunter is an advanced assassin class that beats the demons at their own game. Shadowhunters can shapeshift into various demonic forms to unleash chaos and power on their enemies.

They are known for having incredibly destructive powers, increased health, and additional movement speed when they unleash their inner demon. They are a difficult class to master but can adapt to tons of different playstyles and wreak havoc in the servers.

Shadowhunter Leveling Guide


We’ve created this guide to help you know what skills to prioritize when leveling up as a Shadowhunter. Obviously, this playstyle and skillset won’t work for all players, but you’re free to mix things up if you feel like it.

Demonic Slash

First up, we have Demonic Slash. Demonic Slash is a great early game skill that you can immediately unlock. It has some great mobility that can greatly help you move through zones and save time. You dash forward, inflicting damage, and swing your demonic weapon to cause some additional damage. Invest 4 points into this skill and take Excellent Mobility for that extra distance.

Cruel Cutter

Cruel Cutter is a skill unlocked at level 12 that is effective when used as an AOE or single target damage skill. It’s an overall pretty useful skill that you can rely on when trying to clear trash mobs or inflict a chunk of damage on bosses. It’s best when paired with Bleed Effect, Ranged Attack, and Boomerang tripods.

Thrust Impact

Thrust Impact can be unlocked at level 16. It’s a skill that deals good damage and can be used as an AOE or single-target skill. It helps a lot when trash mobs get too overwhelming and should be prioritized to level up in the early game. Take Wide Explosion, Deep Thrust, and Spectral Explosion as your tripods.

Sharpened Cut

Sharpened Cut is another pretty great mobility skill that you can use to inflict damage while repositioning. You can move up to 9 meters forward while quickly spinning. This skill also ignores collision with normal monsters while active. Take Excellent Mobility and Vertical Slash for some extra distance and more damage.

Demonic Clone

When using Demonic Clone, you summon an incarnation of the devil to attack by your side. You move forward and punch two times, inflicting damage to enemies that get hit. You then deal one final strike to the ground that deals some extra damage to enemies. You can use Vital Point Hit, Fist of Destruction, and Encroachment Discharge as your tripods.

Demon’s Grip

Demon’s Grip is a good single target skill that pulls a single enemy towards you. It can be great if you want to focus on killing a single enemy first before the others. It can also be used as a great gap closer because of the pull. Take Quick Prep, Encroaching Power, and Giant Grasp as your main tripods.


Howl charges up your demonic powers and lets out a cry that damages nearby foes and inflicts them with Fear for 2 seconds. It’s a great utility and status effect skill that can help you control or thin down huge waves of mobs. Match Howl with Quick Prep, Law of the Jungle, and Mighty Roar for added AOE radius, additional damage, and a shorter cooldown.


Finally, we chose Decimate. Decimate channels your inner demon and summons giant demonic arms that you swing forward and slash to inflict damage to enemies. It’s a very powerful move that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. The tripods we recommend are Quick Prep, Encroachment Discharge, and Cruel Hand.

Those were the different skills and tripods that we recommend using when playing as a Shadowhunter in Lost Ark. Feel free to change a few tripods or skills to a different one. As long as you are more comfortable with the playstyle, you should still be fine.

Written by Borut Udovic

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