Lost Ark: Shangra Mokoko Seed Locations

Shangra is a small island located in the North Vern sea. There are a total of 7 Mokoko seeds that you can collect on this island. Do note that you will require the Peach wine in order to get all the seeds on this island. The location of all the seeds is marked above.

Shangra Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

The peach wine can be obtained by trading 20 firm peaches at the exchange on the island. After obtaining the peach wine, you can use it to gain a buff that will allow you to access secret passages and collect all the seeds on the island.

You can also upgrade the wine to Blooming Spring Peach wine so the buff will last 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

The first seed is located in the northeastern part of the Golden Peach Orchard area. You need to head east along a secret path surrounded by pink-colored trees to reach the Flower Garden of Elegance. Once you reach there you will find the seed lying beside the chest in the center of the ground.

The second seed can be found northwest of the Golden Orchard. Do note that you need the Peace wine to collect the seed. Once again you need to proceed on a hidden path surrounded by pink trees. Continue on the hidden path and climb the cliff to enter the Hydra Lair. Once inside you will find the seed on the right side of the treasure chest.

The third seed can be found south of the Cloud Vacation Spot. You will require the peach wine to collect this seed. You need to proceed on a hidden path surrounded by bamboo trees to reach the Waterfall of Enlightenment. Once there, continue on the stone path and you will soon find the seed next to the chest lying at the edge of the waterfall.

The fourth seed is located north of the Ascetic bridge on the location marked above. You will need to climb down the cliff to reach a hidden platform below it. The seed will be lying at the edge of the cliff where you will be able to collect it.

The fifth seed can be found at the center of the Monkey Rockey Mountain. You need to have peach wine in order to collect the seed. Head along the hidden path surrounded by bamboo trees to reach the Monkey base area. After you reach there, you will find the seed lying at the end of the base near some shrubs.

In order to collect the sixth seed, head north of the Monkey Rocky Mountain. You will require peach wine if you wish to locate this seed. Once there follow the blue arrows on the map and climb down the cliff to reach the Flamingo Practice Ground. You will notice the seed lying next to the chest on the west side of the Flamingo.

The seventh seed can be found on the northernmost side of Monkey Rockey Mountain near the edge of the map. The seed is located near the house, next to the wooden shelter filled with hay.

That’s it, you have now successfully collected all the seeds found on Shangra Island. You can trade them in exchange for some cool rewards!

Written by Borut Udovic

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