Lost Ark: Shape Of Love Quest (Walkthrough)

Wondering how to complete the “Shape of Love” quest in Lost Ark? Check out this guide!

There are many secrets and collectibles hidden in the vast lands of Arkesia. One such hidden quest is called “The Shape Of Love”. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete this hidden quest in Lost Ark.

The Shape of Love is the seventh hidden story quest in the Tortoyk continent. In order to find it, you need to explore the Sweetwater Forest area. Start from the east side where the Sweetwater Farm report can be found. Now head over to the Trampled Flower Field area marked above.

There you will find a large shoe with a broken flower in front of it. Turn slightly left from the flower and you will be able to collect the first page of the hidden story.

In order to find the second page of the story, start from the Mokoko Village portal and then head north towards the crossroads marked above.

You will notice a red flower and a pair of broken glasses in front of it. Interact with it to obtain the second page of the story.

For the third page, head over to the Skyreach Steppe area and then start from the central area of the map where the Rocky Forest Hill report can be found. Then proceed south towards the bottom right side of the map marked above.

Here you will find two rivers merging into a waterfall. Now go to the edge of the waterfall to collect the third page of the hidden story.

That’s it now you have successfully collected all the pages and completed “The Shape of Love” hidden quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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