Lost Ark: Sharpshooter Leveling Guide

Sharpshooter Leveling Guide

Sharpshooters are ranged attackers that enjoy using mechanical bows as their main weapons. This class is usually called the “Ranger” class in other MMORPG games. They use special arrows with different effects to change the tide of the battle.

They have high survivability thanks to their agility and ability to keep their distance while still dealing loads of damage. Sharpshooters also have stealthy machinations that are great at exposing enemy weaknesses.

The Sharpshooter class is one of the best Gunner classes for beginners. It has a pretty straightforward playstyle, has great DPS, and high mobility.

Sharpshooter Leveling Guide

These are the skills and tripods that we recommend you take when playing as a Sharpshooter in Lost Ark. Feel free to put your own twist to the skills or tripods.


Rapid Shot

Rapid Shot shoots three arrows in quick succession that deals increasing damage to enemies in front of you. It’s a great skill that can affect multiple enemies in a row. As for the tripods, we recommend using Amplified Damage, Double Shot, and Final Strike.

Arrow Shower

Arrow Shower literally showers enemies with a barrage of arrows. It lands on the specified area and deals some pretty decent damage over time. It’s great to use against slow or unaware enemies because you can get the most out of it. Take Swift Fingers, Sustain Enhancement, and Piercing Arrow as your main tripods.

Moving Slash

Moving Slash is an excellent mobility skill that lets you engage or reposition. It’s best used when you catch enemies from behind since it’s a back attack, but it deals decent damage even when used on an aware enemy. I suggest taking Excellent Mobility, Silver Master, and Strengthening. These tripods will help you gain a farther reach and increase your overall damage.

Blade Storm

Blade Storm is another Back Attack skill similar to Moving Slash. You get more value from the ability if you use it on an enemy who’s got their back turned to you. It does have a better range than Moving Slash and deals a decent chunk of damage. Take Blade Dance, Silver Master, and Lightning Blade as your tripods.

Claymore Mine

Claymore Mine is a great ability that you can use to evade enemies while dealing some explosive damage. It has great damage and can help you easily clear trash mobs. It’s great when paired with Storm Surge, Weapon Destruction, and Mounting Flames.

Charged Shot

From the name itself, Charged Shot is a charged arrow that deals an insane amount of damage. It’s one of your most powerful skills and is a reliable wave killer or boss damage dealer. It’s best to take Fast Fire, Quick Prep, and Double Shot. These can help you decrease the cooldown rate and boost your damage.

Sharp Shooter

Finally, we have Sharp Shooter. Sharp Shooter is a focus-fire AOE skill that lets you shoot multiple succeeding arrows that inflicts decent damage. If you pair it with Weak Point Detection and Focus Shot, Sharp Shooter will allow you to deal a good chunk of damage against Push-Immune or strong enemies. You should then take Vital Point Hit as your last tripod to increase your crit rate.

Those were all the skills that we recommend you focus on as a Sharpshooter in Lost Ark. You can definitely change a few things up and match them to your playstyle if needed.

Written by Borut Udovic

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