Lost Ark: Sorceress Leveling Guide

Lost Ark hosts many different classes, but some classes stand out. One of the popular classes of players is Sorceress.

Sorceress is a mage class and has very powerful skills and deadly spells. Area of ​​Effect (AeO) skills make Sorceress stand out in both PvP and PvE.

Sorceress can slow, damage, and stun players or creatures with her fire, ice, and lightning-themed skills.

Thus, while providing a serious advantage to his opponent, she also helps his alliances a lot.

In this article, we have prepared the Sorceress leveling guide in Lost Ark.

Sorceress Leveling Guide in Lost Ark

Sorceress can be played with different playstyles and it is entirely up to the player’s preferences. You can do instant damage with a heavy burst playstyle. On the other hand, you can play a sustained damage Sorceress for more sustained damage.

It would be better for you to create two different skill sets while playing Sorceress. Swapping between these two different skillsets is completely free.

You can build a skill set entirely on area-effect skills and tripods. At this point, you can select the Wide Strike tripod to expand the scope of your skills and the Law of the Jungle tripod to increase your damage.

Your second skill set should consist of more single-target skills and tripods. So you can choose the Single Strike tripod to increase the damage to the single target and the Weak Point Detection tripod to increase the damage against the bosses. It can be more effective if you use this skill set while killing the boss.

Generally speaking, Sorceress’s leveling involves keeping skills at level 8 evenly, rather than raising them to level 10. In addition, since you will be constantly moving between the enemies, choosing the ones that will increase the movement speed in tripods and skills will make your job easier.

You can easily kill normal enemies by increasing their Explosion or Punishing Strike to level 10. On the other hand, a separate path can be followed for bosses here.

If you want to play a game focused on killing the boss, you can level up the Esoteric Reaction- Frost’s Call- Explosion and Punishing Strike skills, respectively.

As we said before, movement speed is very important in Sorceress. Therefore, the movement speed buff that Elegian’s Touch gives you is required.

Also, you can max Punishing Strike skill at 20 level, Explosion skill at 32 level, Esoteric Reaction skill at 38 level.

Below is a list of the skills and tripods you should choose for a solid Sorceress leveling:


Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 4

Tripods: Damage Amplification

Energy Discharge

Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 4

Tripods: Damage Amplification

Lightning Vortex

Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 4 or 7

Tripods: Damage Amplification – Quick Pace

Frost’s Call

Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 7

Tripods: Enlightenment – Unstable Rule


Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 1

Tripods: You aren’t need tripods while leveling

Seraphic Hail

Level: 10

Max Skill Level: 4 or 7

Tripods: Enlightenment – Evolved Hail


Level: 12

Max Skill Level: 7 or 10

Tripods: Rift Acceleration – Charge Flame – Firepower Expansion

Punishing Strike

Level: 14

Max Skill Level: 10

Tripods: Wide- Angle Attack – Unavoidable Fate – Magick Amplification

Reverse Gravity

Level: 16

Max Skill Level: 4

Tripods: Rift Acceleration

Ice Shower

Level: 18

Max Skill Level: 4

Tripods: Enlightenment

Lightning Bolt

Level: 20

Max Skill Level: 1

Tripods: –

Esoteric Reaction

Level: 24

Max Skill Level: 10

Tripods: Quick Preparation– Enhanced Strike – Stabilized Crystal

Rime Arrow

Level: 28

Max Skill Level: 1

Tripods: –


Level: 32

Max Skill Level: 10

Tripods: Law of the Jungle– Backfire – Magick Amplification

Elegian’s Touch

Level: 36

Max Skill Level: 4 or 7

Tripods: MP Recovery- Swift Footwork

Awakening Skills of Sorceress

When you reach level 50 in Sorceress, you need to open Awakening Skill. At this point, you have two options.

The first of these is Apocalypse Call, and this skill is an area skill that spawns meteors. The second is Envika’s Might and deals lightning damage to enemies in this skill range.

Both skills deal damage to enemies in certain areas, but Eviska’s Might option is more effective in our opinion. Because the attack pattern of Apocalypse Call is quite irregular, but in some cases, it can be ineffective.

Written by Borut Udovic

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