Lost Ark: Soulfist Leveling Guide

The Soulfist is a female character which uses mysterious focus to combine all her power and energy all at once to destroy enemies which are standing in her path. She might have good looks, but don’t be fooled, under those good looks she has hidden talent which is so mysterious that can kill anyone and anything!

She is a melee martial artist, Soulfist also has some ranged basic attacks which are helpful in completing objectives and breaking objects. Her identity is described in 3 charges which are called “Hype” charges. Each of them have their own timer on how long they go for. This gives you bonus effects on your abilities.

The first charge lasts the longest and it gives out the least bonus effects out of the three. The second hype charge gives more bonus effects but lessens the timer. And the third hype charge gives you the most bonus effects on your abilities but also gives you the shortest timer for using that bonus.

A really important thing to note about the Soulfist is that she uses energy points which can be dropped to 0. Once the bar drops to 0, it instantly starts filling up faster to 100%, by that time you are not able to use any abilities.

This guide will tell you what abilities and tripod spells to take upon your leveling journey!

Soulfist Leveling Guide – Lost Ark

Soulfist – Mobility Skills

The only mobility skill that you are going to need to use on the Soulfist is Instant Step. This skill can be used 3 times in a row and when you level up the skill, it will unlock a tripod which upon unlocking the tripod you will deal damage on each dash towards your enemies. This skill is a really good gap closer, dodge enemy attacks and counter with a high DPS skill. The best tripod skillset for this ability is:

  • Outstanding Mobility
  • Fortification
  • Fierce Movement

Soulfist Skills & Tripods

Magnetic Palm

This skill is your opener, to start your combo. It’s mainly used as a gap closer so you can follow up with your other skill “Deadly Finger”. For the tripod selection, its best to select:

  • Wide Attack
  • Helpless target

Lightning Palm

Lightning Palm is not really used as a DPS spell. It’s used to buff up your DPS spells so you can deal more damage. You will only need one tripod skill for this ability which is:

  • Prepare First Attack

Heavenly Squash

Heavenly Squash is an ability which is okay in dealing DPS but the good thing about it is that it’s really fast to cast. It’s recommended to level it to level 10 and getting the next tripod abilities.

  • Attack Range
  • Brutal Training
  • Crude Palm

Tempest Blast

Tempest blast is a quick DPS skill which can be used instantly and its main reason is to quickly remove a pack of mobs. For tripod selection it’s great to take:

  • Enhanced Charge
  • Brutal Training

Crippling Barrier

This is the main skill, it’s great for clearing out mobs which are surrounding you, the great part about this skill is that you can use it instantly and has great DPS. Its recommended to level this ability to level 10 and use the following tripods:

  • Quickly Prepare
  • Enhanced Attack
  • Sharp Judgement

Key Palm

Key Palm is an ability with is good with DPS, faster at casting and knocks up enemies. For tripod selection it’s recommended to use:

  • Quickly Prepare
  • Enhanced Wave
  • Spatial Expansion

Energy Blast

This skill is optional. You can use it mostly to defeat bosses. It does great damage and has a decent AOE distance. The downside of this ability is that it only takes some time to reach its max DPS potential. For tripod selection you can use:

  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Attack Range
  • All out

Soulfist’s ultimate are both great for using. Between each other there is not really a clear winner, it all goes down on how well you can master the spell that you are using.

Written by Borut Udovic

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