Lost Ark: Steps To Get Character To Level 50

The class of your character begins on combat level 10, while the Roster level is assigned to all of your characters. Achievements and collectibles that unlock perks for your characters provide Roster experience. It’s quite simple to increase Roster experience since it builds up in the background as you improve your combat level, but Mokoko seeds may be used to speed up the process.

If you’re looking for a fast way to level up your PvP combat level, we’ve got you covered. Here are some pointers on how to get to the endgame and level up your alt characters so you don’t have to repeat the process.

Steps To Get Character To Level 50 | Lost Ark

Below we list some key points to help you reach level 50 in the most efficient manner.

1: Main Story

The simplest way of reaching level 50 is to complete main quests.

In Trixion, when you first create a character and pick a class, you will be led to a prologue in which you fight some pirates. The engineer’s goggles are merely a cosmetic helmet skin, and the prize here is an item that gives no advantage whatsoever. If you choose not to play through this one by selecting the button at the top left of the screen, you will not lose out on experience, money, or anything else.

*You can get the engineer glasses later by playing the prologue with a new character.

2: Ignore Side Quests

The most essential advice: There are hundreds of optional activities in Lost Ark. The majority of them are set up in a simple way that allows you to easily accept two or three sidequests right next to the main objective.

However, the unsightly common side tasks, which have a yellow exclamation mark and are only labeled with an exclamation point, are not worth doing at all. Because they provide far more experience points, you should mainly stick to the orange major objectives – at least until you obtain your own ship. You must then do world missions marked with a light blue globe symbol after that. There are some exceptions to the rule. You may occasionally receive an area quest with a red quest marker and a time restriction in particular locations.

Always finish these, since the XP you earn is far greater than that received from other side missions. Also, after the demon attack on Prideholm, complete the companion quest that is unlocked early in the game.

All other objectives, such as squad activities, some of which provide useful rewards like skill points or stats potions, can generally be completed later. If required, you may also complete them on a new character since these bonuses are cumulative.

3: Play on “Normal”

While a hard difficulty mode might be enticing, the goal is to prioritize speed so stick with normal setting. Dungeons are another story; here, you should go alone to save time and money. Other gamers will only get in your way if they linger or don’t want to watch the cinematics.

You should also complete the dungeons on normal setting. They provide better rewards on Hard, but because you’ll be speeding through the tale at breakneck speed, they’ll soon be outdated – you’ll get something greater from quests shortly after that.

4: Go Solo

For the greatest results, you should always be able to discover the right mobs and items for your current job. When other players destroy entire groups of opponents without you being able to land a hit on them for the quest progress, this can be challenging in full channels. If you’re having trouble finding something, try using an emptier channel — simply click the top right button above the map.

5: Get Good

To complete your quests quickly, keep your fights as short as possible.

Instead of spreading your skill points evenly across all skills, distribute them across several strong ones with wide casting ranges. You should be able to kill regular foes solely with the use of one skill. If you’re on a quest that requires you to kill lots of enemies, gather them together and then aim yourself so that you can hit them all at once.

Just kill as many bad guys as you need to finish the mission. Anything more than that is a waste of time, since you’ll receive next to no XP for it.

6: Fast Travel

Getting from one area to the next is just as essential as finishing the tasks quickly. To do so, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Use your mount whenever possible! It just takes a fraction of a second to get mounted up to your horse. For an immediate speed boost, use your mount’s jump skill as often as feasible. If you have the Cerberus mount from the Premium Edition, you may jump twice in succession and save time while traveling around.
  • If you can’t get on a horse – for example, in story situations or dungeons – use abilities that can cover a few meters. Remember to dodge using the space bar. This should be avoided only on the pistol lancer since it will jump back when you press the key.
  • Remember to turn on the triporters around the map and utilize this fast travel option frequently.

Power Pass

You can rapidly level up your alt characters using the Power Pass mechanism if you’ve already done the hard work the first time. The Adventurers Path quest is a brief version of the narrative that lets you level up another character to level 50 in just a few hours. To obtain the Power Pass, you must have achieved level 50 with your present character and completed the whole North Vern main quest.

Leveling up Character – Conclusion

The Lost Ark is a great game that will take you on an epic journey to save the whole world from destruction. In order to do this quickly and efficiently, it’s important to learn how to get your character up as high as possible in 50 levels or less. This article has provided some tips for leveling up fast so that you can enjoy all of the content available at max level with no time wasted.

Written by Borut Udovic

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