Lost Ark: Summoner Leveling Guide

Summoner Leveling Guide

The Summoner advanced class falls under the Mage class. Unfortunately, it’s currently not available yet. There are only 15 current classes, but the developers promise to add more as the game progresses. However, that shouldn’t stop you from finding out the best skills to take when leveling as a Summoner.

Summoners wield a staff and have the power to summon multiple pets to attack on their behalf. Each pet has different functions and abilities, making summoners highly flexible. They should come to Lost Ark at a later date.

Summoner Leveling Guide


These skills and tripods are based on the Summoner meta that’s already available to players in Korea and Russia. This may change when the Summoner class get’s released to other parts of the world. But for now, these are the prioritized skills and tripods that you should use.

Ancient Spear

Ancient Spear concentrates your energy for 2.5 seconds and calls down a large great ancient spear to the specified location. It inflicts damage to anyone within the radius and paralyzes them. Foes at the center of the impact receive more damage. Take Swift Cast, Explosive Spear, and Ancient Strength as your tripods.

Earth Collapse

Earth Collapse is basically just an earthquake at the targeted location. It deals damages to the foes within the radius and launches them into the air inflicting Earth Damage. I suggest using Flame Collapse, Shake, and Great Earthquake.

Fleeting Gale Bird

Fleeting Gale Bird is a skill that you can get as early as level 10. When using it, you summon a flock of Gale Birds in the direction that you are facing. They deal damage with each hit an enemy takes and lasts for up to 3 seconds. Accumulated Energy, Flame Bird, and Mother Gale Bird are my recommended tripods for this skill.


If you activate Pauru, you hurl a giant ball of fire at the specified target location. This also summons the Fire Elemental Pauru, who then attacks nearby foes for 15 seconds. It’s a pretty great AOE skill that can help you easily take down trash mobs. Make sure to invest 4 points into this skill to unlock Small Talk.


You summon Shurdi, who is a small Light Elemental. Shurdi then moves with you for up to 20 seconds and inflicts damage to all nearby foes. It’s a great passive skill to use that allows you to get some free damage. Only take Ignore Collision and leave the rest of your skill points for other skills.

Steed Charge

Next up, we have Steed Charge. Steed Charge summons magic energy in the form of a galloping horse. All enemies that get caught in it will be inflicted with magic damage and launched into the air. It’s recommended to take Stormlike Gallop, Weak Point Detection, and Destruction Charger as the tripods.

Sticky Moss Swamp

The user summons a sticky moss swamp at the targeted location after 0.5 seconds. The swamp inflicts damage to foes caught in it every second and decreases their movement speed. The Sticky Moss Swamp lasts for 5 seconds. Spend 4 skill points to get Ready Attack as your tripod.

Winged Spirit

Finally, we have Winged Spirit. You summon a Wind Elemental that takes the shape of a hawk at the target location. You can hold it for up to 4 seconds to inflict damage over 8 hits. The recommended build is taking Swift Cast, Thunder Spirit, and Whirlpool as your tripods.

That’s the best skills and tripods that you can use when leveling up a Summoner in Lost Ark. Hopefully, the devs add in some new classes soon for all of us to enjoy.

Written by Borut Udovic

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