Lost Ark: Tarsilla Boss Location

Although Lost Ark contains many different quests, these main quests end after a point. On the other hand, for players who want to level up, endgame quests start after the main quests are over.

Endgame quests are completed with some players coming together and are somewhat challenging quests. As part of these quests, you have to kill very powerful creatures called bosses.

Different world bosses appear in many of the zones in Lost Ark. In order to kill these bosses, you need to reach certain levels. Each boss has a separate requirement level.

One of the strongest bosses in Lost Ark is Tarsila. In this article, we will show the location of Tarsila in Lost Ark.

The Location of Tarsila in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has a wide open world and also provides a very rich gameplay with PvP and PvE modes.

Players can improve their characters by slaying various creatures and leveling up by completing quests. In addition, with various items, players can take the strength of their characters to the next level. Thus, they gain a serious advantage over other players in PvP mode.

There are also quests called raids in Lost Ark. These quests can be done by multiple players coming together and they are very difficult missions to complete. The reason behind it being difficult is that you need to kill very powerful creatures called bosses in order to complete these quests.

Tarsila is one of the powerful bosses in the game, and when you reach level 50, you can kill Tarsila.

When you are level 50, you first need to join a group to kill Tarsila. Note that you cannot kill any boss in the game alone.

Tarsilla is located in the Lake of Stalled Time zone. To find Tarsilla, you must first go to this region. Next, Tarsilla spawns at the bottom right of Spider Queen’s Nest. You can find the location of Tarsilla on the map below.

Reminiscent of a frozen queen spider, the boss draws attention with its rather scary appearance. On the other hand, if you move with your group, you can easily kill Tarsilla.

Rewards of Killing Tarsilla

When you kill the bosses in Lost Ark, you get both XP and various item rewards. Thus, you can strengthen your character with powerful items while leveling up.

You will gain various rewards after killing Tarsilla. On the other hand, the reward you will receive is completely dependent on your luck.

Below are some of the rewards for killing Tarsilla:

  • Forbidden Magick Ring
  • Star’s Breath (Bound)
  • Forbidden Elemental Earrings
  • 4th Giant’s Heart

Finally, if you have a support character like Bard in your group when you go to slaughter Tarsilla, it may be easier for you to kill the boss. Bard’s healing and increasing attack power skills will be very useful in hunting Tarsilla.

Written by Borut Udovic

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