Lost Ark The Sidereal’s Two Students Location

One such hidden story available in the game is The Sidereal’s Two Students. In this guide, we will tell you how to find all the clues to complete this hidden story quest.

The Sidereal’s Two Students Location – Lost Ark

“The Sidereal’s Two Students” is the sixth hidden story quest that places in Annika Continent. In order to find it, you need to visit the Melody Forest area location in the game.

After you reach Melody Forest, enter the Jeok’s Barrier Dungeon on the right side of the map as shown below.

This can be only done after you complete several mine quests available on the continent.

Once you enter inside, you need to proceed further and complete the dungeon defeating the last boss. After you defeat the boss, use the staircase to reach the top left to reach another area.

Now go straight ahead and you will see a tree located between the stones runes. Proceed to the location and you will be able to interact with the ground.

This action will allow you to collect the first page of the quest while also giving you a buff that lasts for 29 minutes.

In order to find the second page of the hidden story, head over to the Twilight Mists area.

After reaching there, you need to enter the Foul hollow Dungeon in the upper section of the map near the Nimbus Cavern.

You will be required to complete other mine quests on the continent before you can enter this dungeon.

Once you reach there, follow the four arrows to the right as shown below.

You will soon be able to interact with an object on the ground. Doing so will reward you with a second page and allow you to complete the hidden story quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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