Lost Ark The Surging Yearning Location

Lost Ark has lots of hidden stories and collectibles for players to find. One such hidden story available in the game is “The Surging Yearn”.

The Surging Yearning Location – Lost Ark

The second hidden story “The Surging Yearning” takes place in the Annika continent.

In order to find you need to visit the Rattan Garden area where the Open Grave report can be found. Then you need to follow the arrow markers to reach the location shown below.

After reaching there, head to the purple area to interact with the ground. This action will allow you to collect the first page of the hidden story quest.

Head to the Melody Forest Area to collect the second page of the Hidden story quest. Start from the bottom right corner of the map where the Barrier’s Shadow tripod can be found.

Go all the way towards the top right corner of the map and then turn to the left.

Once there check between the mountain walls and the bamboos to find to interact with. Completing this action will reward you with the second page

Now for the third page, you need to head over to the Prisma Valley area. Start from the east-central side near the twilight mist portal and then you have to reach the bottom side of the map as shown below.

You will find a defensive wall there and you need to interact with the higher pillar shown below to collect the third and last page of the hidden story quest.

That’s it, you have now successfully completed the “The Surging Yearn” hidden story quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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