Lost Ark: Tier 2 Fishing Location

Lost Ark’s massive open-world has tons of activities and quests for players to complete.One such activity is Fishing which allows you to collect fish and other resources deep in the ocean.

In this guide, we will tell you how and where you go fishing in Lost Ark.

Fishing Tier 2 – Lost Ark

Fishing can be boring or exciting activity depending on how you look at it. Many players find it thrilling since they can collect more resources while others consider it another arduous task to be completed.

In order to unlock fishing, you need to progress through the campaign until you reach Lakebar village. In this village, you will learn about the other trade skills after talking to an NPC called Celine near the pond.

You will need to visit the village merchant Nickel to buy your first fishing pole. After this, you will be given the task of visiting the docks to catch some fish.

Make sure to equip your fishing rod by selecting it from the Trade Skill Menu. First, hit the B button to switch to the trade skill bar and then press E while facing the water to cast your file. Once your pole is fully submerged, you need to press E again to catch some fish when the exclamation mark appears.

There are a few selected locations on the map denoted by the Fish Hook icon where you can go fishing. These spots are very limited so you watch out for the fish hook icon in the map’s trade skill area. Here are some fishing spots you can check out:

1. Wavestrand Port

2. Lakebar village

The more fish you catch, the more your fishing level will be increased. After reaching certain levels, you will be able to unlock new abilities and perks in the game. These are some of the skills you can unlock as you progress:

Level 1: Pole Fishing

Level 10: Throw Bait

Level 20: Catching fish

Level 30: Net Fishing

Make sure to manage your inventory and timing when you go fishing since they play an important role in this activity. Now go ahead and catch some fish with your friends!

Written by Borut Udovic

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