Lost Ark: Tier 2 Island Route Guide

Tier 2 progression can be sometimes difficult to do in Lost Ark. Following different islands can be sometimes challenging and time-consuming even if you have the right route for each following island.

The island that I am deeply going to explain is an All-in-one island. Yes, it will be time-consuming and challenging but the rewards are worth it. It will require doing some strange switching regarding genders with your characters. But that is the most interesting part about this all.

This guide will show you a good Tier 2 Island Route in Lost Ark

Tier 2 Island Route – Lost Ark

Fomona Island

Fomona Island is located North of East Luterra. A 250+ Item level is required to join this island and the most interesting part about it is that you can do this island twice.

Once with a male character and once with a female character. The main rewards here are the 500 Tier 2 Destruction Stones and 1500 Tier 2 Guardian Stones.

You can only get the loot from the welcome challenge by completing the challenge with a female character.
Also, a good thing to note here is that both the Destruction stones and Guardian stones are Bound items. So I suggest doing the quest with your main character in order to earn them there.

You will be given quick purple quest chains which you need to do both on your male and female characters. There are two locations for each gender, the male is on the right side of the map and the female is on the left. Both quests are the same for males and females.

You will be needed to look for a liar which is located in the same location for each gender. The liar is located to the north end of the map. The rewarded chests can be sent to your main via your roster storage in your inventory.

The following rewards for completing the quests are:

  • 2600 Guardian Stones
  • 1800 Destruction Stones
  • 31000 Life Shards
  • Island Token

And the welcoming challenge gives you additional bound guardian stones and destruction stones.

It’s simple and highly rewarding for tier 2 progression in Lost Ark!

Written by Borut Udovic

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