Lost Ark: Top Islands To Upgrade Materials Guide (Farm Route)

For some people farming upgrade materials can be challenging. Without knowing the good routes to go to in order to collect some good materials is also hard.

Many people have made their route of islands in Lost Ark for collecting upgrade materials for improving your further gaming adventures. I have also made a route of Islands that can be helpful to collect more upgrade materials and upgrade your gear!

This guide will help you manage a better route for farming upgrade materials in Lost Ark

Islands To Upgrade Materials Guide (Farm Route) – Lost Ark

In order to begin everything. I would firstly recommend farming some pirate coins and purchasing the following songs: “Forest’s Minuet, “Song of Reckoning” and “Soulful Requiem”.

These specific songs can be obtained through doing chain quests and some can be purchased from the Pirate Coin Vendor in Lullaby Island, such as the Forest’s Minuet.

To collect Pirate coins, you firstly want to start going towards Blackfang’s Den Island and Freedom Isle.

Upon completing these two quests on the islands, you will get a total of 20000 Pirate Coins, which is great for purchasing songs and other materials needed for the future.

Once you finish getting all the songs, I recommend going to Dreamgull Island, because the island is filled with upgrade materials.

In order to open some secret areas on the island, you will need the Forest’s Minuet for this island
Here you will have a purple quest where you will be needed to talk to Lote.

The quest is named Lote’s dream and it’s the quest that gives you amazing boosts in your progression.


Once the quest’s cut scene is over, an NPC called Eto will appear who will give you crazy rewards just for doing simple things.

After that quest is done, you will get another one called “Back to Work. You will be needed to investigate the interior of the Seagull Island, you then will be needed to run around the island, talk to the bird and get his First Aid kit. Once you have done all that you will be needed to play the forest’s minuet and boom. Another pack of upgrade materials will be rewarded to you for completing the quest.

Doing this route on this island is quite easy, fast, and simple. No hard things needed to be done, the important things to do are to get the songs and that’s it. But the songs will help in the future as well with opening secret vaults and objects.

Written by Borut Udovic

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