Lost Ark: Umar Masterpieces Guide (Hidden Story)

There are many hidden stories that players can discover in the world of Lost Ark.One of them is the hidden story called Umar Masterpieces in the game. It is the fifth hidden story in the Yorn continent. In this guide, we will show how to complete this hidden story quest.

Umar Masterpieces Guide – Lost Ark

To find the first piece of the story, head to the Hall of Promise located in the Yorn continent. You will find it near the Burning Lava Cliff near a cliff after you defeat some enemies.

In order to get the second piece of the story, head over to the Great Castle in the Yorn continent. Once you reach there, go to the Legendary Smithy triport and you will find it next to some wooden crates boxes near the Toby NPC in the area shown above.

To find the third piece of the story, get to the Uracha Market Triport at the location marked above. From there enter the passage at the top left of the market and you will notice a statue inside. You will be able to collect the piece lying next to the statue.

That’s it, now you completed the Umar Masterpieces hidden story by collecting all three parts.

Written by Borut Udovic

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