Lost Ark: Una’s Token Exchange Location

By destroying enemy ships, attacking monsters, or even gathering achievements, you will get interesting items called Una’s tokens. Una’s Tokens are an exchangeable item which you can exchange in for gold coins for silver coins, but I would not advise that. Una’s tokens exchange shop is mainly used for exchanging.

  • Hefty Gold Sack.
  • Small Safe.
  • Large Gold Chest.

Una’s Token Exchange Location

You can get Una’s Tokens by mainly completing the quests in the window named Una’s Quests. You get daily and weekly quests where you will be needed to do a certain amount of events in order to finish the quest and gaining some good Una’s Tokens. These tokens can be traded for gold or even silver. I would recommend not to spend your tokens on silver due to the fact that silver is not really needed as much as gold is. With gold you can buy incredible items such as: Mounts, Songs, Ship skins…

Upon travelling around the maps of Los Ark, once you enter the main cities. There you will find an NPC named Gold Shop. That is the NPC that will take in your Una’s tokens in exchange for some good gold which can be used for many thing.

Written by Borut Udovic

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