Lost Ark: Verdaniter Mokoko Seed Locations

Verdaniter is a dungeon area which is located in the Riza Falls, under the Arthetine continent. This is a simple straight forward area where there is only one way to go. Directly towards the dungeon.

In this area, there is 1 Mokoko Seed located, which is not in a hidden room or anything like that. Most players find it difficult to find the Seed, the reason being that it’s only one and they think that it has to be located somewhere where it’s difficult to get. No worries. I will help!

This guide will show you how to find the Mokoko Seed in Verdaniter

Verdaniter Mokoko Seed Location – Lost Ark

Right as you enter the Verdaniter entrance towards the dungeon, simply just move to the left of the screen, or go west. Behind the wall that is guarding the staircase, you will find the one Mokoko Seed which is hidden inside the Verdaniter area.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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