Lost Ark: Volare Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations

The Valore Island is an adventure island that has a daily quest that you can do and also contains 3 Mokoko Seeds. The daily quest is mainly used to obtain the Valore Island Token. As it is an adventure island, you must wait for the right time for the Island to be unlocked so you can claim your seeds and rewards!

Volare Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

The Valore Island is located at the Ethulia sea, south of North Vern. This is an adventure island and you will need to be at that location at the proper time. So check your alarms or the adventure book to see when it will spawn.

Once you have entered the island, after several minutes a daily quest will pop up on your right side of the screen, called “Establishing a Plan”.
In this quest, you will need to shoot a cannon in a pit full of crocodiles.

 You will find Cannonballs and Harpoons around the cannons. Once all the crocodiles have been killed, jump down into the pit and run around for a while until you collect the two Secret Chest of Volare. You have a chance to obtain the Volare Island Token, meaning that you may not get it instantly on your first try.

Mokoko Seed Locations

The island holds 3 Mokoko Seeds and they are easy to locate and collect.
The first seed is located on the top North corner of the map. Hidden inside some grass.

The second Mokoko Seed is located on the outer south road on the map. The Mokoko seed is hidden right behind the pillar surrounded with lights, as shown on the image.

The third Mokoko Seed is located just a bit north of the second one. You will find it on the same road and next to a small chariot.

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