Lost Ark: Wardancer Leveling Guide

The Wardancers are advanced classes and they are Martial Artists. They are a class where you don’t deal a lot of damage at once, this damage is consistent and is mixed between kicks and punches. This is also a squishier class but the great mobility is here to help them get out of any tricky situation.

The hard part about this class is managing to make a perfect combo with your skills, by that I mean managing the all the cooldowns of the skills. The damage is high once you master your combos and perfectly land every single skill.

Mastering your skill rotation can deal enormous damage to enemies. Exiting intense combat can be easy due to the fact that you have quick movement skills, and also back attack skills are really helpful with the fast movement when you quickly dash behind the enemies. It is also a great class in a party because you can buff and boost their mobility.

As an advanced class, The Wardancer has its Esoteric identity which allows it to use special skills known as esoteric skills which are strong abilities that consume orbs. The energy increases every time you hit enemies with basic attacks or normal skills.

Wardancer Leveling Guide – Lost Ark

Wardancer Skills & Tripods

When your Wardancer reaches level 60 you will unlock a total of 18 skills, a mix of normal, esoteric and awakening skills. This topic will cover up the essential skills and tripods you will need to maximize your damage in the battlefield.

Lightning Kick

A good skill which helps you in closing the gap between you and the enemies and dealing great damage while doing the process. It’s recommended to level this skill to level 10 and use the following tripod skills to make the Lightning Kick more effective:

  • Sharp Movement (Allowing you to change directions while using the skill)
  • Thunder Kick (Slam foes down while airborne)
  • Heaven’s Lightning (Adds a rapid strike after the spinning attack)

Flash Heat Fang

This is a skill where you don’t move around too much, instead you deliver a series of painful punches to deal great damage. You stay in place the moment you activate Flash Heat Fang, so you want to position yourself behind the enemies to maximize damage. The best tripod skills to use with this skill are:

  • Fist of Darkness (Increases the critical rate on hit)
  • Weak Point Detection (Increases damage to Push-immune enemies)
  • Enlightenment (Grants push immunity. On hit it ignores enemy defense)

Moon Flash Kick

A great skill which lets you charge towards enemies by kicking your way towards them and then performing a spinning back kick to deal incredible damage. To make this skill more effective, it’s recommended to use the following tripod skills:

  • Intense Shock (Can change direction on first charge attack)
  • Light-Footed (Increased AOE damage and number of rapid kick attacks)
  • Full Moon Kick (Charges to Normal mode. Charge forward and spin to land)

Wind’s Whisper

A skill which buffs you and your allies for a period of time, to use this skill more frequently, it’s best to use it in a preparation for a fight, that way you will have a lower cooldown while fighting. The best set of tripod skills to use for this skill are:

  • Oath of the Wind (On skill use, increased Crit Rate)
  • Quick Prep (Cooldown decreased)
  • Ready Attack (Increased Attack Power)

Swift Wind Kick

This allows you to enter the area by creating a whirlwind with your kicks which you can easily control and conflict good damage. To maximize usage of the skill the following tripod skills are recommended:

  • Fire Round Kick (On hit burns enemies inflicting damage every 1 second for 5 seconds)
  • Quick Prep (Decreased Cooldown.)
  • Extreme Training (Increased kick duration, changing directions becomes easier.)

Roar of Courage

This skill will make your Wardancer let out a battle cry, inflicting damage to enemies and pushing surrounding foes away. Also gives the enemies a debuff to temporarily decrease their crit resistance.
The best tripods for this skill to get are:

  • Wide Hit (Increase AOE Radius)
  • Impaired Mobility (Decreases enemies movement speed)
  • Fatal Wave (Reduces enemies crit resistance)

Sweeping Kick

This skill sweeps the enemies off their feet, dealing powerful damage and pushes them who aren’t immune away from you. This ability gives you some space between you and your foes, which you can move around and recover your bearings. The best tripod skills for this ability are:

  • Weak Point Detection (Increases damage to push-immune enemies)
  • Shadowcleave (Blinds enemies and boosts your crit rate)
  • Pure Excellence (Lowers your stance and lets you gather energy before jumping foreward and performing 1 extreme kick)

Energy Combustion

This skill lets you summon a gust of wind which is surrounding you to deal damage against nearby enemies. While Energy Combustion is active, you can use other skills to improve your damage to your foes. The best tripod skills for this ability are:

  • Combustible Armor (Decreases damage taken)
  • Skill Reduction (Cooldown reduction and more Combustion duration)
  • Last Whisper (The gust of wind explodes on expiring, dealing damage and knocks foes into the air)

Sky Shattering Blow

With this ability you unleash kicks to attack in multiple directions. It’s a good ability to stun enemies and send them in the air with the help of your tripod skill. The best tripod skills to use are:

  • Ascension Kick (Second strike sends enemies into the air)
  • Ready Attack (Increased attack power on second attack)
  • Abundant Resources (Increase energy gained)

Esoteric Skill: Lightning Strike

Releases a ball of energy to deal great damage while stunning enemies and debilitating them in the process. You will consume one orb while activating lightning strike. To get the best out of this skill use the following tripod skills:

  • Vital Point Hit (Increases crit rate)
  • Steady Will (Gathering strength to increase lasting damage)
  • Electrocution (Generates electric waves where you stand while using the skill to inflict damage)

Esoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God

This skill creates a devastating tornado to attack enemies over a period of time. Note that this ability consumes two orbs upon activation. The best tripod selection for this skill are:

  • Frost Storm (Slow and freeze foes after several stacks)
  • Growth Attack (On hit. Tornado winds inflict damage)
  • Raging Storms (Explodes on expiring and inflicts increased damage)

Final Tips

As a Wardancer it’s best for you to use your mobility to go behind enemies and use your abilities from behind to get the most damage out of them as possible. Make sure to use your Roar of Courage before entering combat so you begin with a buff and in the middle of the battle have a cooldown on the skill to have it ready again.

Written by Borut Udovic

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