Lost Ark: Wayward Wolf Quest | Nova’s Location

The Wayward Wolf Quest Guide is an interesting quest where you are needed to search a giant area of the map and find Nova. The Knight Rembrant is looking for Nova, a womanizer who has seduced some noblewomen, but the villagers are not cooperating with him. It would seem difficult to look for Nova as the area shown on the map is massive, but no worries

This guide will show you the exact location of Nova in the Waywar Wolf Qust Guide in Lost Ark.

Wayward Wolf Quest Nova’s Location – Lost Ark

To find Nova without having any struggles, just head to the Eastern edge of the map in Runaways Island where you will locate Nova and a few women. Speak with him and your part of the quest will be completed.

Head back to the Knight Rembrant to finish off the quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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