Lost Ark: Yeon’s Barrier All Mokoko Seeds

Dungeons in Lost Ark are some interesting places to find loot. The Yeok’s barrier is one such area located in the Annika continent.

Players can explore locations such as Yeon’s house, Lotus Pavillion, and Yeon’s barrier in this area. In this guide, we will tell you about all the locations where you can find Mokoko seeds in Yeon’s barrier.

Yeon’s Barrier All Mokoko Seeds Locations – Lost Ark

In order to collect the first seed, head over to Yeon’s house through the Barrier door. After you enter the house, turn left and collect the seed hidden on the edge of the metal railing.

The second seed can be found in the passage located between Yeon’s house and the Old Roof. You will soon find an area full of lanterns hanging above and a fruit stall below it. There are a couple of vases lying next to it, destroy them in order to collect the seed.

From this area, proceed further towards the northeast side of the map in the passage located between the Old Roof and Lotus Pavillion shown above. Go to the edge of the roof located before the wooden bridge and you will notice some green ivy plants. You will find the third seed lying in the ivy.

The fourth seed is located in the Lotus Pavillion area. You will see an old house with a staircase leading to its entrance. Collect the seed lying at the staircase

From this area proceed further towards this southeast portion of the map until you reach the circular floor flanked by bridges. Now take the bridge towards the left and you will see some wooden boxes lying on the floor. Destroy them and climb the cliff on the left to collect the fifth seed next to the stone.

Now in the same area turn right and destroy the bamboo trees in order to collect the sixth seed.

Finally, for the last seed head towards the south eastern part of the map located inside the barrier. Jump past the circular floor and turn left to find the seventh seed near the statue.

That’s it, you have now successfully collected all the seeds found in Yeon’s barrier.

Written by Borut Udovic

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