Lost Ark: What does Mokoko Mean?

The Mokoko seeds are a wonderful and interesting item to begin with, hidden in all the lands of Lost Ark. Players who collect a certain amount of Mokoko Seeds get special rewards, some are easy and some are harder to obtain. You may need some special songs in order to be able to collect some, and sometimes you just might have to wait for the right moment for an island to open up.

In this guide I will explain the meaning of Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

What does Mokoko Seed Mean? – Lost Ark

The Mokoko Seeds are collectibles that are scattered all around the islands and all over the map of Lost Ark. 80% of the time the Mokoko Seeds are hidden in some strange areas that you don’t even know existed. There are a total of 888 Mokoko Seeds all over the map of Lost Ark.

Once you begin collecting them you start to earn rewards. For every 50 seeds that you collect, you will earn a reward.

It will be much harder in the early game to collect the Mokoko Seeds because it takes a specific song to have in order to unlock a hidden area and enter it. A big example is the Song of Resonance. This song opens statues and allows you to enter secret areas where Mokoko Seeds are placed.

Perfect timing of the day is also important about collecting Mokoko Seeds. Some islands require a specific time to enter because they are locked. And there are tons of Mokoko Seeds all around Islands.

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The best and most efficient way to collect Mokoko Seeds is to have another screen with a Mokoko Seed map and run around areas to collect them.


You can collect rewards in the Mokoko Village at Totoma, who is located on the North side of the map. He shows you how many you have collected, from which island you have collected and how many you are missing.

Written by Borut Udovic

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