Luke Has Been Added and the Roster of Street Fighter v and It’s Now Complete

Luke has become the last fighter released in Street Fighter V
Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter V debuted all the way back in the 2016. But at that point, the title only featured 16 characters. Through the years, there have been seasonal updates where players could add more fighters to their games.

Each new season featured 6 new characters. And they were smartly distributed. Guile was the big fighter in the first year. The second update featured Akuma. Blanka and Sagat were the stars of season 3 and E. Honda headlined season 4. The star of season 5, Luke is now available to be used, closing the updates out.

The character was originally a member of the United States military where he first encountered his mentor, Guile. Luke subsequently left the armed services to begin a career in MMA. He looks sort of like an updated version of his mentor with dyed blonde hair and patriotic stars shaved into his head.

A new trailer by Capcom helps show Luke’s fight style. According to Chris Moyse from Destructoid, “[He is] is forgoing the powers and projectiles of his fellow fighters for a brutal, blunt instrument, CQC fighting style, chopping his opponent down with vicious flurries of punches and kicks.”

Luke is a critically important character for the future of the game. Initially, he was not expected to appear in Street Fighter V but was slated to be a brand new fighter in Street Fighters next release. Instead, the decision has been made to allow players to get their first taste of him now.

Todd Neikirk

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