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Madden 22 | How to Hurdle

The Madden football series is the longest-running football game franchise of all time. This year, Madden 22 has tacked onto that legacy with the usual roster updates, player stat tweaks, and upgrades to player movement and hit detection. The franchise has always implemented many ways to tackle and dodge tackles from the defending team and in this guide, we’ll show you how to hurdle to avoid being tackled.

How to Hurdle in Madden 22

Madden 22 hurdle

In Madden 22, when running with the ball, players can hurdle in the following ways:

  • Playstation: Triangle
  • Xbox: Y
  • PC: W key by default

Knowing how to hurdle will allow the ball carrier to attempt a tackle evasion by leaping over the opposing player. Particularly in Madden 22, this move uses virtually no stamina and does very little to slow the runner down. A similar move, the jurdle, combines the leaping of the hurdle with the sideways movement of a juke, hence the odd name of the maneuver. This is performed by moving the stick in the direction you want to move and pressing the hurdle button.

The best time to perform the hurdle is when a defending player is already attempting a tackle. If you can time your response right, you should leap right over the tackling player and keep running with very little momentum loss. Try not to rely on it too much, however. A poorly-timed hurdle can leave you open for a devastating tackle, which could result in a fumble or even possibly injure your runner.

Another consideration to keep in mind is your ball carrier’s stats and stamina level. Even though the hurdle doesn’t use much stamina, that doesn’t mean it’s still very effective with a tired player. Low stamina will slow them down and reduce the hurdle’s effectiveness. Just as well, if your ball carrier has a poor jump rating, they may not hurdle very well at all.

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Written by Andrew Smith