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Madden 22 | How to Use Player Lock

Player Lock Madden 22

The franchise mode in Madden 22 takes some inspiration from previous games. You see a lot of similar systems in this single-player mode, which is great for new and old players alike. Familiarity is important, after all! However, for newer players, there is one option that you should really look into. The player lock option in the franchise mode of Madden 22 is a way to learn the game without needing to control everyone. This is good to keep you from being overwhelmed, or to exploit the enemy AI by letting your star player go nuts. So, how do you use it? And where even is it anymore?

How to Use Player Lock in Madden 22

Player Lock Madden 22

In order to use player lock in Madden 22, you’re going to need to be in the Franchise game mode and find its new name, Full On-Field Control. You can turn this setting on or off in your Franchise Settings menu. This is available in the Options tab of the Franchise mode’s menu, under League Settings. Player Lock is now called Full On-Field Control, so turn this option off if you want to access Player Lock in Franchise mode.

This mode will simply have you be in control of the first player who is making a play, instead of all players. So, if you are in control of your QB at the start of your play, you will only be in control of them. You won’t need to run the ball at all. This can be good for watching how the AI plays the game. It also makes the game significantly more relaxing to play. The game doesn’t play itself, but it makes your role in the game lighter.

This isn’t really a tactical mechanic. It makes you rely more on the AI. This can let you watch the AI and see how they play, but it won’t let you practice these harder plays so you can see how you play. Realistically, this mode is fine for a more relaxing game of Madden 22, but stops you from learning how to play online or against friends.

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Written by Andrew Smith