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Madden 23 Best Passing Style | Which Should You Choose?

Madden 23 Passing Style Guide

Madden 23 is bringing in many new features for players to experiment with, including improved mechanics and gameplay controls. After receiving heavy feedback from fans, EA will be changing some stuff around for the latest installment in the franchise. To elevate your digital football experience, you can choose between three skill-based passing styles to cater to your offensive strategies. We’ll go over our favorite passing style while also mapping out the others later in the guide.

Best Passing Style in Madden 23

Madden 23 Best Passing Style

Since skill-based passing is new to the Madden series, we found that the Placement style is the best one to go with. It introduces players to the enhanced passing system, which makes the gameplay a bit more realistic as a whole. This essentially provides control over the pass by enabling a receiving target area. These targets are your receivers on the field, evidently. And the skill-based pass will generate a strength meter for you to focus on for the play.

In other words, players won’t be casually tossing balls with the click of a button this time around. Instead, Madden 23 adds a new layer to player participation by giving more control over your throws.

However, if you want to explore some of the different Madden 23 passing styles for yourself, here’s a breakdown of each.

All Passing Styles in Madden 23

As we previously mentioned, there are three primary skill-based passing styles for players to choose from. Each is equipped with adjusted mechanics to help you with your preferences when it comes to passing. The three distinctive styles are Classic, Placement, and Placement & Accuracy. We’ll briefly go over each one to see how they work in Madden 23.


If you aren’t too fond of the new offensive mechanic, you can always toggle back to the original settings. Not much can be expanded here when it comes to the Classic style, only that it adheres to the usual way passing has been handled in the franchise. It’s the simple select-and-throw method, easily accessible for all players who prefer the older ways.


Placement is our pick for the best passing style in the game. It’s new, and it acts as an improvement to the overall gameplay. Not only can you create some epic sports moments, but it’s also refreshing to experience something advanced. Of course, it might take some time for new and returning players to get familiar with it, as it does with the other additional features. We recommend diving into the Placement style since it’s technically the new way to play Madden.

Instead of choosing a player and throwing the ball to them, Placement implements aim to help lead the receiver. A target circle will pop up around the receiving player, giving you the range to land the pass. This is their guaranteed catch area, which in turn provides consistent visual feedback for you to rely on. Be careful when aiming outside of their area; you’ll risk the ball going into the opposing team’s hands.

Placement & Accuracy

This passing style is much like Placement, but it’s fine-tuned for precision and validity. It’s more for the experienced players and digital football pros who aim for that perfect pass. While Placement acts as the intro style, the Placement & Accuracy style is the ultimate goal if you wish to annihilate your foes. It’s a matter of study and focus, with your eyes concentrating on the pass meter to ensure a solid offensive move. E-sports fanatics might utilize this style more so than the others.

It all boils down to how much strength you put into the throw. Since we can move the pass’s reticle out of the receiving circle, this style might also cater to those who want to create their own insane moments in football. You also have to depend on the receiver for the catch itself, but it’s a two-way street if you want to cook up the perfect pass. As a whole, Placement & Accuracy is the advanced passing style in Madden 23.

How to Change Passing Styles

Madden 23 Skill Based Passing

There might come a time when you’re ready to switch up the styles, or the one you initially picked isn’t working out for you. You can always change the passing style by accessing the game’s menu to find Game Options. Skill-Based Passing will have its own section, with further options to adjust your reticle, meter, and visibility. There’s also the Passing Slowdown setting that basically enables the amount of slow-time a throw possesses. However, this isn’t available for online play.

If you’re playing the 10-hour EA trial period, you won’t find these settings. Perhaps it’s due to the introductory nature of the game, to give players a chance to check things out before they make a purchase. It may resort to the original passing system, but we can assume it’s only for the trial.

Written by Andrew Smith