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Madden 23 Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Madden 23 Crossplay - Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Madden 23 is on the horizon, and football fans are looking forward to the improvements being made to the famous sports franchise. For this year, the game is set to offer more features and opportunities for players to dive into it. These include polished tackling, enhanced passing, agency tools, new camera views, and more. Be that as it may, there’s one question that fans are wondering about: Will Madden 23 include any cross-play?

Is There Cross-Play in Madden 23?

Is There Cross-play in Madden 23?

Judging from early coverage and previous installments in the series, Madden 23 won’t feature cross-play, at least at launch. Madden 22 didn’t include cross-play, and it’s unlikely that it will be implemented any time soon. EA hasn’t shown much interest in including cross-play and cross-platform in the series, though changes can always be made down the line. This is the title to feature John Madden himself after his unfortunate passing, so it seems right to incorporate it.

The franchise itself sells millions of copies across all platforms, so players naturally don’t have a problem with matchmaking. However, queue times can be experienced within an instant if cross-play existed in the Madden world. Players do have access to EA accounts, so connecting with other folks from other platforms is already streamlined. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC individuals are becoming more accustomed to cross-play functionality for online titles, so it’s nothing essentially new to consider.

Even though EA hasn’t confirmed whether or not we can expect cross-play, we still have hope. Some of the more popular games in the industry embrace multiplayer connectivity to the highest extent. It’s one of the ultimate ways to game with one another from around the world. Nevertheless, we’ll just have to make do with our current multiplayer zones.

Thankfully, this probably won’t come as much surprise to players. These days, it’s more a question of when cross-play will finally arrive to the series. For that, we’ll just have to wait to hear from EA.

Written by Andrew Smith