Maneater | How to Fix the 100 Percent Glitch

Maneater 100 Percent Glitch

If you’ve been playing Maneater recently, you may have heard of the Queen of the Ocean trophy, which is rewarded to the small group of players that have reached 100 percent in every region. However, some players are experiencing a 100 percent glitch that is preventing them from earning the Queen of the Ocean trophy. So, is there a fix?

Is There a Fix for the Maneater 100 Percent Glitch?

Maneater 100 Percent Glitch

There are seven regions that players can explore in Maneater. To unlock the Queen of the Ocean trophy, players will need to 100 percent each region. Unfortunately, it seems some players have reached 100 percent in each region, but still aren’t being given the trophy.

There is no fix for the Maneater 100 percent glitch at this time. However, Tripwire has acknowledged that the game isn’t tracking completing properly, and have stated that developers are looking into it. Unfortunately, there is no time frame given regarding a fix for the 100 percent glitch, but hopefully developers will be able to put together a patch in the near future.

If you’re experiencing the bug, there are two things you can do to try and fix the 100 percent glitch.

  1. Double-check that you’ve collected every license plate, nutrient cache, and visited all landmarks in each region
  2. Open the metal gate in Golden Shores

While the first solution seems rather obvious, it is possible that you’ve simply missed an item in one of the regions, so go back and double-check that you’ve completed everything in every area. Once you’re sure you’ve done that, you can also try opening a metal gate in the Golden Shores area.

You’ll find the gate in the southeast corner of the region, and will need to follow a few steps to bust it open. To start, catch a fish in your mouth, then jump out of the water and use the tailwhip action to launch the fish towards the button that opens the gate. Rinse and repeat this method until you hit the gate, and you may find that it will fix the 100 percent glitch and unlock the Queen of the Ocean trophy.

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Written by Andrew Smith