Marauders: All Quest Locations In Spaceport

Marauders is a multiplayer FPS looter-shooter. You get to play as a space pirate that can look for loot, craft equipment and salvage whatever items you find in order to survive. Marauders can be played solo or in a squad of up to 4 players. Bring some friends and have some fun surviving in hostile worlds and sharing the loot you find with each other. The L1812 Service Space Station is one of the areas in Marauders that is filled with quests and loot.

Here’s all of the quests in the Spaceport in Marauders!

All Quest Locations In Spaceport – Marauders

Shopping Tour

For this quest you need to examine the Cargo Report. The Cargo Report is located around the lower area of the L1812 Service Space Station.

You can find it on a table inside one of the metal rooms.


Similar to the previous quest, all you have to do is find and examine the List of Bank Transfers document.

It can be found in the hall branching off from the large circular room in the middle of the station.

Ship Fuel Valve

From the Market area entrance, you can head down and into a large open area with some enemies.

Take care of them and you can interact with the valve.

Admin Office

Easily found, the documents you need will be on a table inside the admin office directly in front of the doorway.

Written by Borut Udovic

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