Marauders: Marked Container Location

Marauders is a great first person galaxy shooter game where you can explore different ships and land on various maps to fight against other opponents, complete missions that will help you become stronger in the game. Each map in this game has a specific set of missions to complete and help you reach higher tier of equipment.

This guide will show you the Marked Container Location in Marauders.

Marked Container Location – Marauders

The Marked Container is a quest that you need to complete if you want to earn some good rewards.

Head over to the Customs Crew area at Merchant Frigate. You will need to walk inside the Customs Crew room and continue your way forward.

Pass two rooms by continuing forward and you will notice that you’ve entered a slightly bigger rooms with more containers. On the left side you will see an opening and some light. In this room, you need to go slightly forward and turn to the left where you will see the marked merchant container.

The right marked container will have a red stripe on it. Walk towards the stripe and interact with the marked container to complete the quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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