Marauders: Meat Receipt Walkthrough

The Meat Receipt area in Marauders is a great place for battle. Inside this spaceship area, you will find a ton of different enemies and challenges to complete. It’s best to know the area before entering it. Knowing how to map is made and where the good spots for hiding are is a great way to upper hand your enemies and win battles easily.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Meat Receipt area in Marauders.

Meat Receipt Walkthrough – Marauders

To enter the Meat Receipt area, you need to find this ship. Enter it to begin your journey.

Once you’ve entered the area, you will be placed in a red room with several exits. The floor at the entrance itself is an open area filled with different rooms and collectibles. There you can also find some enemies which you need to be careful from.

If you’ve decided to go down into the lower floors of the ship, you will need to take the stairs where there is red glowing light. Follow that path until you reach the depot area.

Be careful around this area as it is filled with enemies who are scouting the area constantly. Gear up because it’s time to shoot.

The drop pod can also be found in the lower area past the depot. When you go past the depot area, turn left and on your right side, you will notice a giant room with enemies and the drop pod will be there as well.

Past this room, you will see another entrance that leads to the bar. The bar is the main area of the whole ship. Here there are exits and entrances connected almost everywhere. Here you are also going to find a bunch of collectibles and mission objectives.

Do be careful when you explore this area as it is quite big. Keep an eye also on your oxygen to make sure that you stay alive for a longer period of time.

Written by Borut Udovic

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