Marauders: Raid Arenas List

In a game like Marauders, players are going to kill everyone just to get some of the resources and find everything needed just to survive. As you start with the game, you will have to raid quite a lot in the whole game in order to sustain alive. There are three main raid areas that can be found together with two sub-areas and today we are going to explain each of them.

Keep reading our article and learn about the Raid Arenas List in Marauders!

Raid Arenas List – Marauders

Space Port

The Space Port is actually an abandoned hub that can be found in the center of the map. Right there in the middle of the map, you will notice a bar behind which is hiding the vault.

The bar is easy to spot because it has a large neon sign above it. Once you reach this point there is some of the best loot that waits for you nearby.

To open the vault, you will need a cutting torch to open it. If you don’t have it, then, unfortunately, you will be able only to open just the door before the safe with a lock pick.

In this area, players can use it as an advantage to cover if they got caught in a firefight, and find plenty of medical items which are also located above the bar.


On the map of Iridium Asteroid Mine, you can find some important landmarks and amazing places where you can gain a lot of money.

This is one of the largest areas and offers plenty of fun and corners for players.

In order to find the vault in the mine, you will have to navigate under the only flight of stairs that lead you down. You have to follow the tracks and you will see the vault.

You will need a blowtorch to get into the vault, and it’s an easy vault to get into.

Damaged Capital Ship

The Damaged Capital Ship is a static location that can be found in raids, which is breached, rather than docked. Keep in mind that these ships are protected by AI which are using some of the best equipment in the game.

Here you can find some worthy items but before that you must prepare for a bit challenging battle.


Terraformer is another static location found in raids. It is a part of an abandoned United Allies experimental asteroid base inhabited by leftover operators of the machine.

After you get there, it is mostly an open area in which you don’t have much where to cover, and make sure to have equipped a strong armor to protect you from the enemies.

The vault can be found in the tunnels that say Terraformer on top of it, and you will need a blow torch to be able to get into it.

You will find very rare supplies that will help you fight off different opponents and also earn some high-tier items.

Merchant Ship

If you want to raid the Merchant Ship, then you can find it on the map, but not always appear on the map. That’s why you have to go right there once you notice it.

You need to use Escape Pod to get to it. You can get inside through the Engine Room and use the escape pod to breach the merchant ship, then press “F” when you get close to enter it.

Follow the hallways and then you will be able to reach the Main Control Room and the Armory where you will have a bit of a fight with some NPCs. In the Armory, you will find the safe which has to be open with a lockpick.

Aside from the armory, you can also loot the Living Quarters and Barracks where can be found some extra loot.

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