Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Adds Characters, Gear, Stadium

Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Adds Characters, Gear, Stadium
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The first free Mario Strikers: Battle League update brings two new characters, a new gear set, and a new stadium to the pitch.

While Daisy’s absence from the original release disappointed some, she’s front and center as the first of two new characters. The trailer paints her as a technique-driven player whose resiliency will keep her from being tackled.

The second new character for Mario Strikers: Battle League is Shy Guy. His stats are as close to even as you can get, which makes sense; he’s labeled as an all-around role player.

Nintendo’s video also showcases each character’s hyper strike as well.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Update 1 Trailer

Knight gear, also introduced in the first Mario Strikers: Battle League update, focuses on increasing a character’s strength and shooting. In addition, it looks, well, like your character is a knight from King Arthur’s court.

Finally, the Desert Run stadium is now available for both quick matches and as a club stadium.

Nintendo announced via Twitter that this isn’t the only Mario Strikers: Battle League update. Two more free updates are planned “before the end of 2022.” They will feature more of the same: new characters, new gear, and new stadiums.

Still, it’s disappointing not to see these updates available in the game at launch. In our Mario Strikers: Battle League review, we said that “Mario Strikers is the best Mario sports game for Nintendo Switch yet, but it still feels like style over substance… for everything good it has going for it, Strikers is held back by a lack of content. A story mode, or at least skill missions, would be a very welcome addition.”

It looks like some of that content is finally on its way.

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