Marvel’s Avengers DNA Keys | Where to Find

Marvels Avengers DNA Keys

Marvel’s Avengers is a game full of brawling, heroes, and loot. To get the latter, you’ve got to find DNA Keys. These keys are your way into DNA boxes at the end of limited Vaults. Therefore, they are integral to farming items in Marvel’s Avengers. If you’re looking for the best way to get these DNA Keys in Marvel’s Avengers, look no farther!

Where to Find DNA Keys in Marvel’s Avengers

The best way to get DNA Keys in Marvel’s Avengers is to visit Faction Coordinators (in the carrier and the Inhuman base) and accept their daily missions. You want the “Villain Sector Daily Mission” specifically. After selecting this mission, you fight a boss, which drops a key almost every single time you beat him. In addition, you can do the “To Tame a Titan” mission to consistently get a key.

The daily missions are extremely fast and efficient. That’s because all you need to do is fight Task Master. Then, he’s very likely to drop a key. It can hardly even be considered a mission, it goes by so quickly! Daily Missions rest at 17:00 UTC, so check in then to get your two keys for the day.

After you’ve gotten the missions from the Faction Coordinators, if you really need to farm DNA Keys, then you want to repeat the mission “To Tame a Titan.” This mission offers a key as a reward for completing it, but it’s a long mission. Doing the daily quests will take up much less of your day.

Crystal Dynamics may change or add missions that drop keys over time. If that’s the case, the rewards section will say “Random Resource: DNA Key.” If you find a mission that is easy for your hero to farm, then focus on that mission instead.

That’s all for now! As long as you’re willing to wait for the daily mission to reset, these keys aren’t that bad to gather. After you get them, head to the Vault missions to open those DNA chests and reap the rewards! In the meantime, be sure to check out when you can unlock Spider-Man.

Written by Andrew Smith