Marvel’s Avengers Thor Gameplay Reveal Shows Off His Power and Abilities

Marvel's Avengers Thor Gameplay

Marvel’s Avengers, the upcoming video game from Crystal Dynamics, released a new War Table this week offering players a look at the game with some exciting gameplay footage focusing on Thor as he fights AIM’s (Advanced Idea Mechanics) minions and demonstrates all the moves and power’s he can command as the god of thunder.

The new video showcased one of the many Hero Missions that will be available in the game and featured Thor. These missions cover the game’s main story and will typically follow one of the heroes as they battle the forces of AIM, led by the nefarious MODOK.

The Hero Mission shown in the War Table is one of Thor’s first within the game, dubbed “Once an Avenger.” In it, players get to see how the gameplay looks for solo missions and get a closer look at Thor’s moveset and powers, which are focused on lightning attacks and the use of Mjolnir to pummel bad guys both in aerial or ground combat. Further, the Thor gameplay reveal also shows how the other Avengers can affect the battlefield, as Hulk and Iron Man join the fray to help Thor best AIM’s forces.

During the Marvel’s Avengers Thor gameplay reveal, players also get a closer look at some other in-game features that influence their experience. Skill trees allow players to spend points to gain new powers and abilities, while the gear mechanic gives players the option to equip gear to their characters. These options will modify what each Avenger can do, which helps each player tailor the experience to their playstyle.

The visuals department also gets some attention, as players will be able to unlock various classic outfits from different comic book arcs. These outfits will be unlockable either through gameplay and challenges or through the game’s marketplace.

Lastly, the War Table also unveiled more about War Zones, which is the game’s co-op mode. These missions are separate from Hero Missions and will serve as a support for the main story through a variety of battles where the characters team up to stop AIM’s forces. These missions are four-player co-op events, where players can team up with friends to show AIM the combined might of the Avengers. However, they can also be tackled solo with three AI companions, allowing players to use their own characters that they have customized and leveled up.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is set to release on September 4, 2020.

Written by Andrew Smith