Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How To Get Reveal Word Of Power

In Marvel Midnight Suns, you get to become the hunter and complete missions that are revolved around the marvel saga. Here, you also get to meet up with new heroes, level them up, and prepare all of them for upcoming fights that you will encounter in the future.

Time to see how you can get the Reveal ability from the words of power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!

How To Get Reveal Word Of Power

To begin your journey in obtaining the Reveal word of power, you need to first have collected all 4 elemental rods, which are:

  • Air Elemental Rod
  • Water Elemental Rod
  • Fire Elemental Rod
  • Earth Elemental Rod

Once all four elemental rods have been collected, head over to Agatha’s Altar and place them down to reveal the Moon Seal.

Your next objective is to complete the Second Blood Gate trial of the Elder Atum.

This gate is found just north from the Standing Stones area. At the very border of the map, you will see the stone door engraved inside the mountain.

The challenge here is simple, you need to defeat 16 Lilin within 4 turns to complete the trial.

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Once the trial has been completed, the stone gate will disappear and allow you to progress even further into the mountain. Follow that path where inside the cave you will find a pillar that requires you to place the Moon Seal Elder Artifact.

Once the Moon Seal Elder artifact has been placed, you will gain the Reveal Word of Power ability.

With this ability, you can reveal all manner of mysteries hidden from view. These hidden mysteries can be long forgotten structures or events that cannot be detected with the naked eye.

And that is how you can get the Reveal Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Good luck Hunter!

Written by Borut Udovic

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