10 Seriously Disturbing Movies That We Still Can’t Stop Watching

Seven, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey
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Is there a seriously messed up movie that you still love despite how insane it is? For example, Oldboy, the Korean and American versions are beyond messed up but are highly-revered all over the internet. They also voted these additional ten films as lovable despite being disturbing. 

1. Nightcrawler (2014)

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One person stated, “Nightcrawler is the number-one voted seriously messed up film. “This movie shows how a person without empathy uses the media’s desire for gore to enrich himself and his life. His lack of emotion regarding people is freaking creepy!”

“Jake Gyllenhaal is very good at doing fake sociopath charisma,” a second added. “He brought a similar quality when he played Mysterio in the Spider-Man film.”

2. Threads (1984)

Threads is a depiction of nuclear war that is unanimously loved in the horror subreddit. Yet, a year later, it still bothers me,” one confessed. Another replied, “They showed this movie to us as kids in Elementary School. So yeah. Why have a childhood that contains hope anyway?”

3.  American Psycho (2000)

“I would argue that American Psycho is super messed up,” one suggested. But it’s just so funny. I always get a good laugh when I watch it.” Another admitted, “I always laugh at how coincidental it is that Christian Bale (Batman) slaughters Jared Leto (Joker) in that movie.”

4. The Road (2009)

“The part where they catch the mom and her kid in the truck messed me up. It made me wonder what I’d do if it were my kid and me, and we had to return to the farm. Just the bleakest possible outcomes from start to finish with that film,” one confessed.

“That ending left me more emotionally confused than any other film,” a second added. “It was devastating but hopeful simultaneously. Never felt such intensely conflicting emotions at the same time.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

“My mom (not a horror enthusiast) rented this thinking it was something like Peter Pan. We watched it together. It was – messed up. I was 14 when we saw it. I recall her picking it up from Blockbuster,” shared one.

A second explained, “I was working as a video store clerk. A regular customer came in to get movies as she always did: one movie for her and one movie for her kids. She came up to the register with Pan’s Labyrinth.”

“I realized she would rent it as her kids’ movie and stopped her. “This is not a kid’s movie; they would become scarred. Next week when I saw her, she thanked me for saving her from that blunder. Those poor kids would’ve been traumatized if I hadn’t known her rental habits. She enjoyed it, though!”

6. One Hour Photo (2002)

Someone noted, “That movie is crazy good. It’s the first time I realized what a brilliant dramatic actor Robin Williams was.”

“I ran a one-hour photo at CVS when that movie came out,” replied another. There’s a scene where Robin Williams is in full respirator personal protective equipment gear dumping the chemicals. I was like. I do that in my work clothes!”

7. Swiss Army Man (2016)

Swiss Army Man. That was quite a journey,” expressed one. “Honestly sat there for five mins wondering, what did I watch? Side note: I loved the movie, and it needs a rewatch.”

“My girlfriend randomly brought up Swiss Army Man. We pulled up a trailer and thought it looked stupid, but I was down to check it out anyway. Man, I love that movie,” shared a second.

“It’s so bizarre and funny and oddly beautiful. It is so beautifully messed up. It has to be the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen, and it sticks with you. Still think of the popcorn song sometimes.”

8. Seven (1995)

Seven, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Seven is pretty messed up,” one suggested. “Everyone knows the “What’s in the box?” quote almost as if it’s a joke. I always wonder how many people have seen the movie. They wouldn’t be joking if they had.”

“I saw Seven at the cinema alone as my friend bailed on me, and to this day, it’s still the best cinema visit I’ve ever had,” another confessed. “Being alone heightened the whole experience as I left the cinema into a bitter December night, stunned by the ending and with no one to talk to about it.”

9. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

“I saw previews for Sorry to Bother You all the time and thought they were obnoxious with the big bright lettering, praising the movie but not saying much about it in the trailers,” one said.

“Then a friend of mine told me I should watch it because it was a lot different than the previews made it out to be. So I gave it a shot. Holy cow, that movie was wild and not what I expected.”

“I can now see why the previews didn’t say much, and I’m glad they didn’t spoil it because the twist is genuinely unexpected.”

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10. Kids (1995)

“I remember seeing this movie displayed in the children’s section of Blockbuster, I’m assuming because of the name and font. But, boy, I wonder how many kids were traumatized by it,” someone pondered.

“I can’t believe this is so far down in the comments. When I watched this movie, I remember looking at my friend and commenting, at least Casper isn’t that bad! Which I regretted very shortly after,” a final user commented.

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