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MHW Ace Hunter Coin | How to get

MHW Ace Hunter Coin

To become a stronger hunter in Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you’ll constantly need to acquire better gear. You may have noticed that some high-level gear requires the Ace Hunter Coin to craft. In this guide, we will explain where and how to get the Ace Hunter Coin in MHW: Iceborne.

What is an Ace Hunter Coin in MHW

Before we tell you how to get an Ace Hunter Coin in MHW: Iceborne, it is important to know exactly what the coin does. The Ace Hunter Coin is a rare Master Rank 8 item that is used to craft six weapons and ten armor pieces. To acquire an Ace Hunter Coin, players will need to complete high-level arena quests, which we will discuss below.

How to get Ace Hunter Coin in MHW

MHW Ace Hunter Coin

To get Ace Hunter Coins in MHW: Iceborne, you will need to complete Star 8 and above high-rank arena quests. While a drop isn’t guaranteed, the best way is to farm for these coins is to get a B rank or above in dual monster quests. This is quite challenging, so make it easier on yourself by partnering up with a friend.

Once you’ve gathered some Ace Hunter Coins, you will be able to craft the following weapons and armor.


  • Great Wyvern Jawblade – Rarity 8, 330 Blast Damage, 20 Defense
  • Divine Slasher – Rarity 8, 160 Dragon Damage, 20 Defense
  • Binder Mace – Rarity 8, 210 Paralysis Damage, 20 Defense
  • Elder Babel Spear – Rarity 8, 330 Fire Damage, 20 Defense
  • Great Bowgun – Rarity 8, Uses Wyvernblast Special Ammo, 20 Defense
  • Great Hunter’s Bow – Rarity 8, 150 Elemental Damage, 20 Defense

Armor sets:

  • Guild Palace Alpha Set – Seven Slots, 770 Defense
  • Guild Palace Beta Set – Ten Slots, 770 Defense

Note that weapons require five coins to craft, while armor pieces vary. Further, for the armor pieces, you will also need Hero King Coins.

Hopefully, you now know how to get Ace Hunter Coin in MHW. It is a bit of a grind just like everything else in MHW, so take a break and check out our Iceborne review.

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Written by Andrew Smith