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MHW: Iceborne Hero King Coin | How to get

MHW: Iceborne Hero King Coin

In Capcom’s recent Iceborne expansion to Monster Hunter World, there have been dozens of new armor sets and weapons added to the game. You may have noticed that some require an item called Hero King Coin. In this guide, we will explain where and how to get the Hero King Coin in MHW: Iceborne.

What is a Hero King Coin in MHW: Iceborne?

Before we can talk how where to find the Hero King Coin, we want to talk about what the coin does. The Hero King Coin is a master rank item that is required for two armor sets and five weapons, and can only be obtained in master rank quests. Essentially, the Hero King Coin is rewarded to those who complete challenging arena quests.

How to Get the Hero King Coin in MHW: Iceborne?

MHW: Iceborne Hero King Coin

To acquire the Hero King Coin in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, players will need to complete a couple of quests. Once the quests have been completed, there is a chance that players will receive the coin as a reward.

Below is a list of the quests that are capable of earning players the MHW: Iceborne Hero King Coin:

  • Arena Master Quest 06
  • Arena Master Quest 07
  • Challenge Quest 1: MR Expert
  • Farewell to the Frozen

Further, once players have acquired the rare coin, it can be used to purchase a couple of different weapon and armor sets, which can be seen below, and only requires one coin.

Weapon Sets

  • Lost Babel – Master Rank Lance, 360 Fire Damage, 40 Defense
  • Neo Cross Bowgun – Master Rank Bowgun, 40 Defnese, Uses Wyvernblast Special Ammo
  • Ultra Wyvern Jawblade – Master Rank Sword, 360 Blast Damage, 40 Defense
  • Hellish Slasher – Master Rank Long Sword, 180 Dragon Damage
  • Neo Hunter Bow – Master Rank Bow, 180 Elemental Damage, 40 Defense

Armor Sets

  • Guild Palace Alpha Set – Seven Slots, 770 Defense
  • Guild Palace Beta Set – Ten Slots, 770 Defense

With all of this information regarding the Hero King Coin, we hope this will help ease the grind for a bit, good luck! If you get frustrated, take a break and check out our Iceborne review

Written by Andrew Smith