Watch: Microsoft Drops a Polaris Rzr From 4,500 Feet to Celebrate Release of Forza Horizon 5

Microsoft Dropped a Car out of a helicopter to celebrate the release of Forz Horizon 5
Image Via Xbox Game Studios

Excitement for the latest incarnation of Forza Horizon reached a fever pitch up until today’s debut. Xbox Game Studios and Playground Games, though, decided to make sure everyone was aware of the title.

Image Via Xbox Game Studios

This morning, Microsoft sent a helicopter 4,500 feet in the air. The helicopter then released a Polaris RZR car. Thanks to parachutes the vehicle landed safely. Following closely behind the car was professional skydiver Ossie Kahn. Upon landing, Kahn took the car out for a spin.

Xbox tweeted:

“We’re literally dropping this Forza Horizon 5 @PolarisRZR right into the Festival. See you there? For your chance to win the one of a kind skydiving helmet used in this jump, like and RT this post. Get ready to ¡GO! with #ForzaHorizon5, available now.”

Reviews of the game, thus far, have been incredible. IGN gave the game a perfect review, writing:

“Forza Horizon 5 crosses the finish line, the bar for open-world racing has again been raised in so many different ways. A map of Mexico that’s bigger, higher, and wildly more varied than any Horizon game yet. A fresh change to the way the Horizon Festival itself is gradually constructed, which results in more one-off events deliberately designed to showcase Horizon 5 at its very best. Improved tools that allow us to build completely custom events that can be more or less indistinguishable from those crafted by the developers themselves.

An enormous visual upgrade, especially to lighting, tyre smoke, and dust effects. Hundreds and hundreds of new custom parts, rims, and performance mods, and cars with more character than ever. Drastic sound improvements, better handling, more granular preferences and options, more online activities. It really is incredible across the board.”

Todd Neikirk

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