Military Airdrop THB-04B Dying Light 2 – How to Climb St Joseph Hospital

What is Military Tech?

Military Tech is one of the most valuable resources that can be found in Dying Light 2. It is very rare and can be used to upgrade Nightrunner tools such as Grappling Hook, Paraglider, and UV Flashlight.

Since most of these Military airdrops are scattered all over the city, acquiring them can often become difficult. These are mostly found in remote locations such as rooftops and often require players to complete a puzzle before they can grab them.

In this guide, we will show you how to climb the St.Joseph Hospital and acquire the Military Airdrop THB-04B in Dying Light 2. However, you might need to upgrade a couple of things before you decide to grab the airdrop.

How to climb Saint Joseph Hospital and get Military Airdrop THB-04B in Dying Light 2

This Military Airdrop THB-04B is located on the rooftop of the Saint Joseph Hospital in Hounsfield which you will visit very early in the campaign. When you open the map, the game will show you what you need to reach the location of each Military Airdrop.

These requirements can be a good indicator of the skills you require before you attempt to reach those Airdrops. In the case of the Military Airdrop THB-04B, the game clearly states you need at least 300 stamina before you can collect it.

In order to increase your stamina, you will need to invest 8 upgrade points into the stamina skillset. These upgrade points can be acquired by finding inhibitors that are scattered across the map.

When you reach Saint Joseph Hospital, head towards the rear part of the hospital. Now you need to climb the wall visible there and jump from one pipe to another until you reach the next floor.

Repeat this process and soon you will reach the rooftop where the Military Airdrop THB-04B is located.

That’s it, you can now claim this airdrop and use it to upgrade your Nightrunner tools.

Written by Borut Udovic

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