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Minecraft Frogs | How to Breed

Minecraft Frogs - How to Breed

The mob list in Minecraft grows bigger with every and every update. From Monsters to Animals, anything is on the table, either from real life or concocted by Mojang. One of the newest mobs to join the upcoming update to the game is the huble frog. As you’ve probably guessed, these little critters can be bred like other animals. Want to surround your home with little bouncy buddies? You can!

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

While they’re not included in the latest version of Minecraft, they are included in some development versions of the game, which means they’re able to be seen. Except, if you’re running the latest stable version of Minecraft. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see them until the 1.19 update. Regardless, breeding these new amphibious mobs is quite simple.

To start breeding frogs, you’ll first need to find them in your Minecraft world. If you’re unsure where to look, make your way to any kind of swamp or mangrove swamp biome. Don’t forget to bring a boat! Following update 1.19, you should be able to find groups of two to five frogs in swamp biomes. If you want to bring one home, you can attach a lead to it.

When it comes time for breeding, you’re going to need a special item. Most mobs have a “favoritefood” of sorts which will regenerate their health as well as allow them to breed with other similar mobs. For frogs, you need a ball of slime. These are normally found by killing slimes in the biome where you found them.

To breed frogs, simply use a ball of slime on two frogs. This item makes them breed, resulting in one of them becoming pregnant. Much like with turtles, the pregnant frog will soon find the nearest water tile to drop a spawn for tadpoles. This will spawn a tadpole, and its color will change based on what biome it’s in. Frogs that are in normal biomes like Plains, Mushroom Forests, or Ocean Biomes are going to be born a brownish orange. Tadpoles born in cold biomes like Snowy Beaches, Frozen Oceans, The End, or The Deep Dark are going to be born a green color. Ones born in Warm Biomes, Like Deserts, or the Nether will be born white.

While these peaceful mobs are easy to breed, don’t expect to be using them for an EXP Farm, as they drop very little EXP.

Written by Andrew Smith