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Minecraft | How Long is a Day?

One of the major features that plays an enormous factor when enjoying Minecraft is the game’s day-night cycle system. This guide will give an in-depth explanation of how long is a day in Minecraft, including how to change night into day and vice versa. 

How Long is a Day in Minecraft?

how long is a day

To start, let us get out of the way that time in Minecraft moves way faster than real-world time. Specifically, for one whole day to complete in the game, it takes 20 minutes in real time. 

However, at any time players can change night into day and vise versa when commands are available. To enable commands, open the menu, select Open to LAN, then click allow cheats. Then, if you want to change night into day, type /time set day. For the full list of time commands see the list below.

Minecraft Full Day and Night Command List:

  • /time set 0: (Dawn/sunrise)
  • /time set day
  • /time set 12000: (Dusk/sunset)
  • /time set noon
  • /time set midnight
  • /time set sunrise
  • /time set night

In addition to a 20 minute time cycle, there is also a moon phase system implemented in the game, where the moon appears in one of eight different phases each night. However, there is currently no specific command to change the moon’s current phase. 

However, using the command /time add 24000 will advance the moon into its next phase. Below you can see all the commands you can use to see all of the different phases the moon can appear as.

Minecraft Full Moon Phase Command List:

  • /time set 182000 (Waxing gibbous)
  • /time set 158000 (First quarter
  • /time set 14000 (Full moon)
  • /time set 38000 (Waning gibbous)
  • /time set 86000 (Waning crescent)
  • /time set 110000 (New moon)
  • /time set 62000 (Third quarter)
  • /time set 134000 (Waxing crescent)

That’s all we have regarding how long is a day in Minecraft. We hope you found the answers you were looking for in our guide. Before you go, we suggest check out some of our other guides for Minecraft as well Minecraft Dungeons. Dedicated players should definitely learn how to make a Crossbow in Minecraft and how to find Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Written by Andrew Smith