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Minecraft | How to Make Infinite Lava

Minecraft - How to Make Infinite Lava

Minecraft‘s world physics don’t work in quite the same way as our own. Trees float when you cut them down, a single bucket of water can create a continuous stream and plenty of other wild inconsistencies with the game’s physics. However, you can use these to your advantage, like creating a pool of infinite lava. If a molten stream is what you seek, we’re here to help.

How to Make Infinite Lava in Minecraft

How to Make Infinite Lava in Minecraft

Before you can make infinite lava, you’re going to need to find a couple of items. What you need is Pointed Dripstone, a bucket of lava, an Iron cauldron, four cobblestone blocks, and one smooth Blackstone block. Once you’ve gotten your hands on these, it’s time to make the infinite lava machine.

First, you’re going to place the smooth Blackstone blocks three blocks high. Then, you’ll want to place the cobblestone around the Blackstone block, making a bowl with the Blackstone as the bottom. Next, you’re going to want to place the pointed dripstone on the bottom of this floating bowl. After this is complete, place the cauldron underneath the dripstone.

Now, the machine is set up. Climb to the top of the contraption, and pour the bucket of lava into the hole inside of the cobblestone. If done correctly, you’ll then see lava drip from the dripstone, and into the cauldron. It will take a little bit of time, but eventually, the lava will fill the cauldron, without using up the lava in the floating bowl.

This is how you get infinite lava. It may not be as fast as generating the infinite water pool. However, it’s useful for players who need a steady supply of lava for their worlds. A cauldron can only hold a single bucket’s worth of liquid, so you’ll have to wait a while for the cauldron to completely fill. However, if you have cheats enabled, you can always increase the game’s tick rate.

Written by Andrew Smith