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Minecraft | How to Pick Up Frog Eggs

Minecraft - How to Pick Up Frog Eggs

In The Wild Update, Minecraft‘s latest enhancement to their sandbox title, players have encountered new mobs. One of the cutest is, of course, the humble frog. Much like real life, frogs will lay eggs to hatch their young. Players may have noticed that these eggs take the form of a new block called Frogspawn. Although breeding frogs in Minecraft is easy, what if you want to relocate the eggs to your farm in-game? How do you pick up frog eggs in Minecraft?

How to Pick Up Frog Eggs in Minecraft

How to Pick Up Frog Eggs in Minecraft

When a frog is bred with another frog, one of them will seek out the nearest water source block to place their eggs in. Once they’ve placed their eggs, it takes about ten days for the eggs to hatch into tadpoles. The player can approach the eggs and walk through them, but they cannot break them.

Even the likes of a silk touch pickaxe cannot drop this new block. The unfortunate truth is that you cannot pick up frog eggs in Minecraft. However, you can use a bucket to pick up tadpoles and relocate them to your farm for easy breeding.

If it comes to the point where you really want to place frog eggs yourself, you can always opt into creative mode. Using the creative mode menu, you can place Frogspawn into your inventory and place them yourself. Or, if you’re in survival mode, and want to use the cheat functions in the game. You can use the Minecraft ID and the “/give” command to place the items in your inventory as well. The Minecraft ID for frogspawn is “723” or “frog_spawn”

As for how long it takes for the eggs to hatch into tadpoles, it takes about ten real minutes for the frog eggs to hatch into tadpoles. Each set of eggs can release two to six tadpoles. You can speed up the growth of tadpoles by feeding them a specific item as well.

Written by Andrew Smith