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Minecraft Llamas | How to Breed

Minecraft Llamas - How to Breed

Any wizened Minecraft farmer will know how useful it has to have more than one of each animal. Not only can it help yield more produce, but saves you in case any of your livestock dies. However, the case for breeding llamas in Minecraft is slightly less consequential. All they can do is carry items — though if you have a lot to transport, they’ll be very useful. Here’s how to breed llamas in Minecraft!

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

Luckily, breeding llamas to produce even more is quite a straightforward process. It’ll come as no surprise, but you need two adult llamas, both of whom are already tamed and obedient. Then, place them together and feed them up to three hay bales. The two llamas then enter love mode, with hearts flying around them. From there, you don’t need to do anything more, because in a short amount of time a baby llama will arrive.

In Minecraft, baby llamas are called cria. A newborn cria will take the appearance of one of its parents, instead of having visual characteristics of both. On top of that, it’s a random process to decide how strong your baby llama is. That will determine how much the llama can carry, which of course is crucial. The game will decide a cria’s strength by choosing a random number between 1 and the stronger parent’s strength. You’ll need to hope it turns out strong to carry your loot!

From there, the cria will gradually grow into an adult llama once you’ve fed it food and let time pass. The process is of course repeatable as many times as you like, so you could make a veritable army of llamas. If you ever decide to move from your current base and go elsewhere, you’ll want as many llamas as possible. That’ll reduce the number of trips you need to make!

Written by Andrew Smith