Minecraft’s ‘The Wild’ Update Is Coming in 2022, Here’s What It Includes

Mojang Update for The Wild
Photo Credit: Mojang

Mojang on Saturday announced the upcoming release of a new open-ended sandbox game they’ve titled “The Wild.”

As the name suggests, The Wild has been developed to celebrate the outdoors and mother nature.

Located on top of the water, the magical Mangrove Swamp is home to brand new Minecraft animals, including frogs and tadpoles. It should be noted that frogs have been a regularly requested animal among members of the Minecraft community.

Frogs and Tadpoles in Minecraft The Wild
Photo Credit: Mojang

The Mangrove exists on top of the water, creating a new biome to explore with a new look and feel. The swamp will feature marshlands, lily pads, and much more.

According to Mojang, frogs eat fireflies which are also being added to the game. Frogs are also the first cold-blooded animals to be featured in Minecraft.

Another new feature in the Mangrove is a tree regeneration system that allows players to pick propagules off trees and replant them.

Minecraft players will also deliver newly added mud blocks, which you can turn into mud bricks with some water and clay.

Mud Blocks
Photo Credit: Mojang

Not content with just adding a new biome on top of the water, Mojang has also revealed the Deep Dark biome, an underground ruined civilization that offers a new block set called Skulk blocks.

Skulk Blocks
Photo Credit: Mojang

The Deep Dark biome is the deepest area in Minecraft so far and is located below the game’s current bedrock layer.

Deep Dark
Photo Credit: Mojang

Gamers beware as the Deep Dark biome features a new enemy called Warden. The enemy has no eyes and reacts to vibrations. The idea is simple, players must sneak around to avoid being caught by the Warden.

If that isn’t enough to get crafters excited, the Warden will also spawn with the Shrieker which adds to the adventure and challenges players will face.

We first heard about the Deep Dark as a 2021 release but it has since shifted to 2022.

Finally, the Deep Dark also features loot that can only be gathered in that particular biome.

Here are some of the highlights from Minecraft’s big day of announcements, including some updates outside of the updates listed above.


Written by Boss Level Gamer