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Mirror 2 Project X is a single player match role playing game. You take control of Naoto, an agent for the FBRP, whose job is to protect the world from supernatural forces. As you progress through the story, you will have to make choices that will impact the ending of the game, which has 4 different endings. We’ll show you what happens on all 4 endings and what to do to get them.

How to Get All Endings – Mirror 2 Project X

Keep in mind that the game is still in Early Access. The developers have stated that this is only chapter 1 and there will be some changes coming in the future.

First Ending

The first ending is titled Occupied. In this ending, Naoto is taken to another dimension by Leah and is forced to serve her as he does not have any choice in the matter.

To achieve this ending, you’ll need to select the highlighted dialogue boxes when prompted.

The first dialogue.

The second dialogue.

The last dialogue. Once you have selected the following, you will achieve Ending 1.

Second Ending

The second ending is titled: Suicide Incident. In this ending, Naoto is given the choice to shoot himself in the head with Solomon’s Judgement or not.

Naoto does pull the trigger, killing himself, but the organization covers the true reason, stating that Naoto was filled with corruption, thus had to be brought down.

To get this ending, you’ll need to select the following highlighted boxes.

First dialogue.

Second dialogue.

Third dialogue.

Last dialogue. Choosing all of the highlighted dialogue boxes activates Ending 2.

Third Ending

The third ending is titled: Releasing Leah. In this ending, Naoto decides to run away with Leah. He enters Leah’s room and talks to her, until Rita walks in with Solomon’s Judgement.

She shoots you, but Leah saves Naoto and the two of them disappear into Leah’s dimension, where it is presumed they got married.

To get this ending, you’ll need to select the dialogue “Nope, this is a bad idea.” This will lead you to more gameplay, in which you’ll be presented with two choices.

Choosing the highlighted option leads activates Ending 3.

Fourth Ending

The fourth ending is titled: Leave. In this ending, Naoto and Rita decide to leave and be together. But as they leave, Naoto sees Leah instead of Rita, hinting that Leah may be possessing Rita.

To achieve this ending, you’ll need to select this dialogue option instead of the top one.

Choosing the highlighted dialogue option activates Ending 4.

That’s all for Mirror 2: Project X endings. As stated, this is only Chapter 1 of 8 and the developers have said they will add some changes over time. Keep that in mind instead of which waifu to choose when purchasing this game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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